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Underwater Sun Shot
Ever wonder what the sun looks like if you're a fish? 

The 1997 Canadian National Fly Fishing Team
A team photo, courtesy of D&M Rods, Ontario, Canada

Stupendous Sunset!
This is a fabulous Mexico waterscape sunset. Makes me want to go on a long vacation.


Freshwater Fishing
Saltwater Fishing
Fly Fishing

The Bamboo Fly Rod
A review of a new magazine devoted to bamboo fly rods. 

RodMaker Magazine
A review of a great new magazine as well as a look at some other resources available

Pro Secrets
Why pro fishermen catch fish when the rest of us don't.

The Custom Rod Builders Guild
A new organization to help professional rod builders master their craft, and market their work.

G. Loomis -the best is always expensive.
Lamiglas - for the best fiberglass rod blanks
St. Croix - cheap but tolerable
Shakespeare - cool lookin' with a cool history too!

Struble - beautiful nickel silver reel seats
Fuji  - check out their range of guides, reel seats and handles.
Perfection - an alternative source for guides

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